Post-Divorce Mediation

As children grow older and your personal situation changes, you may wish to change child support, custody, parenting plans or other provisions of your divorce decree.  If reliving old conflicts or creating new ones is not on your agenda, call Detente instead of a divorce lawyer.

Benefits of Modification or Post-Divorce Mediation

  • Save money - 75% to 85% less expensive than post-divorce litigation
  • Keep details of your new life private, not public in court
  • Be responsive to children's changing needs

Detente mediation eases the intensity of dealing with post-divorce issues, and allows for effective communication that saves the children and you from feeling like you are right back where you started when the divorce began.

We provide a structured forum for post-divorce parental (or family) discussions of changes in job, finances, parenting relationships, blended families, etc.  When older children feel the need to speak for themselves to be heard about rules, discipline, or changes to living arrangements, they can safely do it in the protected environment of a private mediation session.

It does not matter if you did not mediate your divorce or parenting plan the first time. Detente can work for all ex-spouses and parents for post-divorce modifications so long as you are willing to try to reach agreement.  We offer a discount to returning clients.