Marriage Reconciliation Mediation

Detente offers real hope to save your marriage and to make it vibrant and alive again!  Detente's marriage reconciliation (marital) mediation is your "end of the rope" answer if you are seeking more comprehensive help to rescue your relationship.  

We have an experienced couples' counselor as part of our team, but Detente mediators do not do therapy in mediation.  We compliment therapy or pastoral counseling by helping couples address and make positive decisions together about finances, parenting, and even addictions. The attorney-mediator offers legal information about options for separation or divorce that are important to know if you are trying to decide whether or how to save your marriage.

Detente couples also have an added advantage: we teach you dynamic communication techniques that allow you to talk to and understand each other!

Deciding to divorce is a serious step. Divorce is the second highest stressor behind death of a loved one, and it can wipe you out financially.  If you can have a healthy marriage, then do everything in your power to save it!  If, after you have done everything you know how to do and the marriage is still toxic, then be smart. End it conscientiously with Detente mediation in a way that honors each of you, lets you land on solid financial footing, and paves the way for cooperative co-parenting. 

Benefits of Marriage Reconciliation (Marital) Mediation

  • Learn a new way to communicate
  • Feel "heard" for the first time
  • Set up boundaries together for personal space, time, and finances
  • Talk constructively about employment, money, or parenting changes needed to save the marriage
  • Establish a time frame to reconcile, separate, or divorce
  • Discuss future plan of action if marriage does not survive

If you find yourself at the end of your rope and clinging to the knot, call us now to save your marriage!