Divorce Mediation

Nurture the best possible future family relationships, make your best choices, and achieve your best outcomes in Detente's team divorce mediation.  Avoid worst divorce mistakes.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

  • Protect family relationships and financial security
  • Reach well-informed, mutually acceptable divorce settlements with "neutral" legal help
  • Keep children safely out of the middle
  • Cooperate to successfully co-parent children
  • Save money by controlling whether and how to use divorce attorneys
  • Reduce conflict through better communication
  • Keep personal life and finances private
  • Manage emotions

Finally, you can preserve your family and settle your Texas divorce including property and debt division, retirement, alimony, child support, custody and visitation, and health insurance after divorce without divorce lawyers, and still get the experienced professional help you need at a reasonable price.

We are the only ones in Texas who do what we do. The collaborative interaction of our legal and counseling professionals produces a remarkably high settlement rate of greater than 95%.  That means you have a very good chance of saving your family from being dragged through years of fighting at the courthouse.

In mediation, you'll make a voluntary full financial disclosure (what you own and what you owe).  We help you figure out how to make two households from one and get joint debt out of both of your names.  Your mediators walk you step by step through financial decisions such as:

You can use Detente at any time in your divorce to reach intelligent divorce agreements and avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation.  But for the best savings and most benefit for your family, start with us from the very beginning instead of calling divorce lawyers.