Texas Child Custody Mediation

The wonderful gift cooperative parents give children is the children rarely feel pressured to choose between them.  That makes all the difference between still being a family after divorce or separation and being forever torn apart.

There is very good evidence parents who mediate custody and shared parenting time spend much more time with their children and have far better relationships with them all the way around than parents who fight in court with lawyers.  Even though parents may no longer be husband and wife or partners, they will always be Mommys and Daddys.

Children want and need both parents to actively participate in their lives. If you want to be able to sit together comfortably and share children's sporting events, recitals, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and birth of grandchildren, then mediation is the best way to go. Parents who negotiate, compromise, and put their children's interests first have well-adjusted children with healthy relationships of their own.

Texas child custody fights over parental rights and responsibilities, managing conservatorship, and shared parenting plans (possession, access, visitation) are costly and devastate children by putting them in the middle of a parental tug of war. In mediation, you can reduce the level of conflict, protect children, negotiate child support, and customize a custody and parenting plan that works for the whole family.

Benefits of Child Custody Mediation

  • Focus on what's best for your children (financial, emotional, and physical needs)
  • Design meaningful involvement of each parent in a child's life
  • Keep important decisions about children in your hands, not in a judge's who may never even meet your children
  • Promote parental cooperation and healthy post-divorce relationships

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