What We Do

Detente's founder, Stacey H. Langenbahn, J.D., is a full time divorce mediator in Southlake, Texas.  Stacey was named one of the Best Lawyers in America since 2012 in collaborative practices, and Top Dispute Resolution Attorney (Fort Worth Magazine).  For those spouses who are not in the same location with each other or the mediators, Stacey offers cutting edge, secure, online mediation. For an idea how online mediation works, see Stacey in a simulated international child abduction mediation.   

For nearly two decades Stacey was a civil and family trial lawyer. She knows how to keep you out of court.  Detente is a cutting edge, fresh, new way to look at divorce, separation, and reconciliation.  It is affordable, and puts families first.  Detente has greater than a 95% settlement rate!

Detente's Mediation Services

Nurture the best possible future family relationships, make your best choices, and achieve your best outcomes in divorce mediation.


Child custody fights in Texas devastate children who get in the middle of a parental tug of war. You may no longer be husband and wife, but you will always be Mommy and Daddy. In mediation you avoid litigation, reduce conflict, protect children, and customize a parenting plan that works for each of you and your children.


Texas's child support guidelines are a minimum standard of support.  Many parents who mediate prefer to calculate child support based on the child's actual needs, the time the child spends with each parent, and the parent's ability to pay.


Restore order to chaos by mediating a workable separation agreement covering financial and living arrangements, child and spousal support, child custody, and parenting plans while you each take a "timeout" to regroup.


When therapy and couples' or pastoral counseling are not working to restore harmony in your marriage but you are not ready to divorce, marriage reconciliation (marital) mediation may be the "end of the rope" answer.


As children grow older and your personal situation or job changes, you may wish to modify child support, custody, parenting plans or other provisions of your divorce decree. If reliving old conflicts or creating new ones is not on your agenda, call Detente instead of a divorce lawyer.


Specializing in helping married, never married, and divorced couples:

  • Successfully transition from marriage to co-parenting children
  • Communicate better
  • Stop arguing
  • Negotiate sensible agreements at a reasonable cost
  • Avoid expensive "win/lose" court battles
  • Discreetly end a relationship
  • Privately deal with an addiction
  • Create a separation agreement

Detente's Independent Professional Network

If needed, we offer a resource network of independent professionals who will work in each of your best interests and will not take sides. There is also guidance for any stay-at-home spouse or parent returning to the work force.

  • Short Sale/Receiver
  • Mortgage/Real Estate
  • Financial/Tax
  • Drug/Alcohol Recovery
  • Business Valuation
  • Bankruptcy/Debt Reduction
  • Career Counseling/Resume
  • Child Development/Parenting