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View our short informational videos and the client testimonial of Josh Lewin about his positive experience with collaborative mediation and our Détente team. Learn in a matter of minutes how Détente benefits you and your spouse, and why you should not wait another day to call to schedule your free consultation! Contact Stacey Langenbahn at 817.283.5100 or send an email now for an appointment.

Josh Lewin: Detente Was Our Choice

Détente Mediation's client Josh Lewin - former announcer of the Texas Rangers, 105.3 The Fan sports radio host, and announcer for the San Diego Chargers - recalls painful memories of his parents' litigious divorce. Josh was determined to do it differently.


Benefits of Collaborative Mediation in Two Minutes

Détente collaborative divorce mediation has advantages for divorcing couples. If you watch nothing else, watch this!


Josh Lewin: Detente's Team Worked

Détente's client Josh Lewin praises his Détente collaborative divorce mediation team of an attorney, family counselor, and financial professional who streamlined the divorce process and made his divorce less stressful and less expensive than litigation.


Healthy Divorce Is A Choice

Emotions and arguments do not have to prevent couples from finding agreements. Many people think the only way to talk is through lawyers. Mediation is better. Our clients consistently tell us they seek out Détente mediation because they prefer to hire divorce lawyers only when and if needed.


Voice of America:  Dr. Virginia Colin, the host of "Family Matters"
interviews Detente's Stacey Langenbahn, J.D.

In a radio interview broadcast on Voice of America, attorney-mediator Stacey Langenbahn, J.D. explains the differences between collaborative law, team mediation at Detente, and traditional mediation in Texas.  Listen to the second interview with another attorney-mediator to learn about high conflict divorces mediated by retired judges.