What Our Clients Say...

"Détente guided us through a very difficult time. They allowed us to make the best decisions for us, and come up with a plan we made for ourselves. The atmosphere is very conducive to working even thorny issues out, in a way that leaves both parties satisfied. I would definitely recommend Détente to anyone."

BMB, Trophy Club, TX

"Thank you for all you do! With your help we have been able to communicate productively about our daughter! This will positively impact her life for years to come."

MM, Fort Worth, TX

"Détente gives you a chance to make divorce positive and have kids see their parents are still good people."

Josh Lewin, Southlake, TX

"My personal thanks for your efforts. Without your helpful guidance and flexibility, this stubborn dispute would not have been settled. You can put this one in the 'success' column. I would definitely recommend your services."

COG, Fort Worth, TX

"Everything was wonderful. We stayed on track for the future and you helped make this as easy as possible. I will recommend you for sure. "

JAD, Denton, TX

"We had our hearing and everything is now final. It went very smoothly and quickly. Thank you both for all your input and help; we were completely prepared for everything!"

CMD, Wichita Falls, TX

"My ex and I had a successful conversation thanks to you and Linda. Our child is reaping the benefits!"

JG, North Richland Hills, TX

"I appreciate the passion you bring to what you are doing. Your process and services have helped us more than you will ever know."

LCC, Denton, TX

"I know mediation was the best way for us to go, even though it was still not easy. Thank you for caring for both of us (and our children) through this."

PDR, Keller, TX

"Thank you so much for handling/taking control of the meetings so well. I'm so grateful you have this service to help my husband and me with our divorce process, as it's quite obvious that we need it. I truly couldn't have done it without your help and guidance!"

NER, North Richland Hills, TX

"The key for us was to deal with the few issues we have and not to drag it out longer than it needed to be. Everything was done professionally, in a timely manner, and both Stacey and Linda really care about what they are trying to accomplish."

GRB, Dallas, TX

"I felt, and I am sure my husband felt like we were put in a safe, trusting, environment. They make an unpleasant deal much better."

MEP, Southlake, TX

"The very best solution for us will come out of mediation. I solidly believe the solution that comes from the courts will NOT be better than what we resolve TOGETHER. In fact I think the court or the judge will be too harsh and will harm the harmony and continuity my wife and I have fought to preserve."

RBH, Arlington, TX

"All went remarkably smoothly, thanks to your help. My appreciation for getting us through a very difficult time."

TEB, Burleson, TX

"We definitely feel better meeting with you and coming to an understanding of what my wife and I are looking for in filing for our divorce."

KJW Arlington, TX

"Tell Linda thank you-it was her approach that seemed to work with my husband. You both were so informative and unbelievably generous with your time."

CC, Burleson, TX
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