Simplify the Complex

Divorce is the second highest stressor behind death of a loved one.  Divorcing people who normally are high functioning may become distracted, fatigued, irritable, and unable to concentrate.  When humans are angry, fearful, or feel threatened, the brain shuts off the logical thinking area and the primitive part takes over with a fight or flight response.  When that happens, it is impossible to make smart decisions.  Add in trying to understand legalities and the whole divorce or separation experience can become paralyzing.

We're here to keep you on track.  Our mediators break down the divorce into smaller, manageable parts.  We walk you through everything step by step in separate sessions for financial (property and debt division) and parenting if there are children. Taken in bite-sized pieces, you can get through it with your sanity intact.

We do not begin negotiating any final terms until each of you has gathered all the information you need, developed and tested options for settlement, and talked about each other’s proposals thoroughly.  With comprehensive preparation materials, you can come in ready to mediate. 

You will always know in advance what you will be discussing in the next mediation session, what work needs to be done, and your next steps.  Count on us to get you through it successfully.