Plan for the Future

It is often hard for couples (and even harder for the "leavee" spouse) to pull themselves out of the present difficult situation and see beyond today.   We encourage you to begin to look towards a new, happy, independent life as you consider your long-term future and that of your children.

Detente mediators support cooperative discussions and negotiations.  When you treat each other with respect during your sessions and outside of them, you create the kind of post-divorce relationship that allows you to sit comfortably together at your child's birthday party, graduation, wedding, and the birth of grandchildren.  You will also save important relationships with “out” laws and mutual friends when they do not feel they have to choose between the two of you.

To achieve that success, we teach you a breakthrough way to communicate without judgment, blame, or criticism using Imago techniques.  You will learn how to start a conversation that won't end in an argument, and how to keep disputes in perspective so little things don't get blown out of proportion and derail your progress.  We will get you through it!