Care for Immediate Needs

The first thing your Detente mediators do is help you talk through and make an interim plan for:

  • Establishing cash flow, paying bills
  • Supporting and co-parenting children
  • Making alternative living arrangements

Your Detente mediators meet with you together and separately to understand your concerns. We help you gather and exchange financial and other information. Managing the chaos and emotions lessens the risk that one of you feels so angry or desperate that you resort to filing a temporary restraining order ("TRO"). One temporary orders hearing in the first two weeks of a divorce can cost two spouses represented by divorce lawyers as much as an entire Detente mediation process from start to finish.

Most of the time those same issues can be resolved privately through Detente mediation at much less expense. If needed, you can still ask a judge to sign off on the temporary agreements you reach in mediation to make them enforceable in the court before the divorce is finalized.