Educate about the Law

Even if you do not expect to go to court, you need to know the law that applies to your issues. Your Détente attorney-mediator is able to tell you how divorce procedure works, show you the applicable law, offer suggests for resolutions, and give you basics of taxes as they affect alimony, child support, and division of certain property and retirement accounts.

However, because the attorney-mediator is neutral, he or she will not give individual legal or tax advice. In other words, the attorney-mediator cannot tell either of you what to do, make any decision, or impose his or her judgment on you.

We suggest you see an attorney or an accountant familiar with divorce if an issue comes up that requires additional expertise. Getting the advice of an independent lawyer or accountant during Détente divorce mediation does not mean you are hurting the mediation process or that you are turning it into litigation. We believe you should use all available resources to make fully educated decisions. The better informed you are, the better you will understand your options, and the better educated your choices will be about making a rapid and lasting settlement.