Dynamic Communications

Many couples and parents are not speaking to one another when they come to a Détente free consultation. It takes two to untie the knot in divorce or separation.  There are so many important decisions that have to be made by you together.

The only way couples can successfully negotiate amicable settlements is if each can communicate to the other and to the mediator what he or she needs and what is important.  To do that without therapy, we teach fundamental skills for couples to talk to and hear each other.   

Using techniques adapted for divorce from Imago relationship dialogues, couples break through communication barriers at the time in their lives when it is most difficult (and most critical). Good communication in divorce makes it possible to avoid litigation and to lay the foundation for cooperation long into the future.

Good negotiating methods and strategies are also critical. We teach those too so our clients learn a reliable and structured system to negotiate in and out of mediation.