How We Do It

Détente ["day-tont"] refers to when countries poised to destroy each other call a truce and come to the table with an unbiased negotiator's help to finally end the conflict.

In the past, marriage trouble signaled calls to divorce lawyers who aggressively prepare for battle. Today's savvy couples know litigation leads to mutual destruction in divorce "war".

Those with higher goals to reduce conflict, focus on positive futures, and make important family decisions together instead of through lawyers are choosing mediation to reach more peaceful settlements in their own private Détente.

With Détente's innovative improvements to the mediation team, the structure, and the communications technique, we have exceeded by 15% the nationwide 80% settlement rate of traditional adversarial mediation to greater than 95% success!

What the mediator team does at Détente:

What the mediator team does not do at Détente: