Is Détente the Answer for You?

The first step is to meet me, professional divorce and family mediator Stacey Langenbahn, J.D., in a private, confidential, free consultation.  

For the safety and convenience of Texas based families wherever you are in Texas, the U.S., or the world, I offer 100% of mediation services through live, interactive, tele-mediation over Zoom. 

The one hour consultation is to learn more about your family’s needs, answer questions, and ensure my services are right for each of you.  By the end of the consultation I will provide a written, good faith estimate of the time and cost to complete your agreement-making process all the way through signing the final mediated settlement agreement.  The cost is based on the information you provide, and includes mediation preparation materials, gathering information, discussing options, negotiating, building agreements, and drafting mediation documents.  After that you may choose to engage me at a flat fee to guide you through completing the court paperwork and efiling to submit everything to the judge for approval.  Usually, there is no need to go to the courthouse or have a hearing. 

My professional services are tallied by the hour - the fewer hours you need the lower your expense.  To meet your budget and to make mediation services affordable and available to everyone, I figure my hourly rate for each individual couple on a sliding fee scale based on both of your combined incomes before taxes.

No worries, I won’t ask anyone to negotiate any decisions.  The consultation is an informational session about the benefits of Detente's unique private divorce and family mediation, and how it works to save time, money, and family.   There’s one free consultation per family, so please join in together (a second consultation is $250).  Click here for more detailed information about the benefits of Detente's mediation process and price advantages over traditional mediation. 

Many times one of you will make the initial contact with me.  Please know my conversations are kept at a high level when the other of you is not present.  I will not go into any details personal to your relationship or family until both of you are with me so each of you can participate. Sometimes explaining Détente to your spouse, partner, or other parent can be uncomfortable if you are the one who found me. To help you with that, I will gladly email information and links to informative videos and testimonials.  When the time feels right, you can forward the email to the person with whom you want to share the information and then set up a free consultation. 

Consultations and mediations are by appointment only.

Monday – Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.    After hours, Saturdays, Sundays, and holiday appointments are by special arrangement and may require an additional fee.  I am away from phone and computer while I am mediating with clients so I return calls and emails in batches.  Kindly forgive any delay in getting back to you.  Feel free to call or email again if you need assistance quickly.  Kindly check your spam folder if you do not hear from me within a few days of your contact. 

Notice: Please, if you are in immediate danger of family violence or someone is threatening to harm or injure you, your children, or anyone in your household, call 911 first.  Once everyone is safe, talk to a shelter, an attorney, or the court clerk about an emergency protective order the cost of which is free.  Private mediation is better for most people but it's not right for everyone depending on their circumstances.  Thank you!   

Kindly provide your correctly spelled email address, phone number, and your preferred method of contact so Stacey Langenbahn may respond. Thank you!