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Published Tue, 05/14/2013
There is never a good time to divorce. But some times are better than others - like between now and January 10, 2014 when it gets harder to buy a house.
Published Thu, 04/11/2013
Are you in the middle of a divorce? Take this advice from a divorce lawyer: Beware of these gigantic divorce mistakes that can destroy your family and finances, and wreck you emotionally! If you are just getting started in divorce, also read part one to avoid costly mistakes form the beginning.
Published Mon, 03/25/2013

Many divorcing couples who believe they have worked out a deal between them want to use one lawyer to answer legal questions, draw up the paperwork, and finalize the divorce at the courthouse. Many are afraid that if each of them has a lawyer, the two lawyers will stir up unnecessary conflict or they will be too expensive. So can a couple have just one divorce lawyer for the two of them? No. Here is why not and what they can do about it.

Published Fri, 02/15/2013
Advice from a divorce lawyer: Don’t sabotage your divorce at the beginning by making these worst divorce mistakes! Part Two is about avoiding mistakes in the throws of divorce.
Published Fri, 02/15/2013
Collaborative mediation is a fresh, innovative approach to divorce that is healthy, family-centered, and affordable. Collaborative mediation offers a sensible alternative to the adversarial, two lawyer divorce system for divorcing couples who instead want to make their own decisions and stay in control of their family's future. One neutral attorney-mediator and a counseling professional work collaboratively with a divorcing couple to get them over legal, financial, and emotional hurdles to reach mutually acceptable agreements. With ninety-five percent of couples reaching agreement on all their issues, collaborative mediation has proven to be the new divorce solution!