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Published Sun, 04/01/2018
How do you protect yourself when your soon-to-be-ex will keep your share of a community property asset and pay you for it after divorce?
Published Sat, 01/28/2017
All too often a parent will vow to fight for “full custody” with a scare tactic of threatening to take the children away if the other parent does not agree to do whatever he or she wants.  It is very rare for a court in Texas to terminate a parent’s rights entirely, meaning only one parent would have the right to make all the decisions for the child (legal custody or “conservatorship”) and have the right to all the parenting time (physical custody or “possession”) of the child to the absolute exclusion of the other parent.
Published Sun, 07/12/2015
Will a Texas judge approve a mediated divorce settlement agreement that significantly favors one spouse over the other, like when one spouse gets sixty percent (60%) of the community property and the other gets forty percent (40%)? Yes, with the right preparation through a competent and qualified divorce mediator!
Published Fri, 06/26/2015
The U.S. Supreme Court made a landmark ruling today striking down states' bans on gay marriage. This ruling not only authorizes gay same sex marriages in Texas, but it also allows previously forbidden same sex divorce in the Lone Star state.
Published Fri, 02/27/2015
A striped dress and a simple question, “What color is this dress?” Some people see white and gold; others blue and black. No matter which colors they see, people are adamant that only their perception is correct. This exact kind of positioning happens in divorce too.