Review: "Divorce Corp"

"Divorce Corp" exposes the underbelly of the massive divorce machine in this country and its destructive forces.  The story of Dallas area's Wendy Archer (Parental Alienation Awareness Organization USA), is particularly poignant and moving. What undermines the movie in this divorce mediator's opinion is the paucity of solutions and alternatives to divorce court it offers.

Divorce mediation and collaborative law were mentioned but not nearly strongly or often enough. The movie may leave the spectator wondering what to do short of moving to Scandinavia.   

Reviewers have called "Divorce Corp" the producer's "rant". It accomplishes the purpose - to make people so horrified they avoid the family court system and think twice about divorce and custody battles. Forrest "Woody" Mosten, J.D. and David Hoffman, J.D. talk about divorce mediation and collaborative law as viable alternatives to traditional divorce where the couples keep control of the decision-making, not the judges. This reviewer would like to see the producer do a sequel exploiting the benefits of divorce mediation and collaborative law as healthy, extraordinary conflict resolution processes.

It just makes sense to follow up the exposure of the gravity of the problem with the explosively innovative qualties of the solutions. Otherwise, the movie only goes half-way.