Planning for Divorce with Kids: The "May to August" Divorce


Stacey H. Langenbahn, J.D., Attorney-Mediator

If you are thinking about divorce and you are a parent with a child who will be in school in the fall, you owe it to your kids to call Detente now for our exclusive “May to August” divorce. And if you intend to ask for spousal support, it is imperative to start your divorce immediately so you can finalize it in 2018 before the new tax reforms come into effect on January 1, 2019 when alimony/spousal support will no longer be tax deductible. 

Divorce is the second highest stressor behind death of a loved one.  It goes without saying that divorce affects the whole family. Divorce takes planning to reduce the harm to children. Inevitably, in most divorces one or both parents move out of the family’s residence.  Instead of one home, most children of divorce will suddenly have two. 

The uncertainty and upheaval of the changes in their lives take their toll on kids, especially if divorce requires them to transfer to a new school and leave their neighborhood and their friends behind to live somewhere else.  The transition can be particularly traumatizing and disruptive for kids and parents if it happens during the school year.

If you are serious about divorce but you do not want to wait until the end of the next school year, then take action now

Parents in Texas who work together can start their divorce in May and finish it three months later in August in time for each of them and the kids to get settled before school starts in the fall.  It’s the “May to August” divorce and it is only at Détente mediation.  To find out more, call us to schedule a free consultation today.  We’ll get you right in, and take good care of each of you and your kids!