"January to May" Divorce Mediation

Is your New Year’s resolution an amicable, respectful, divorce or a separation from a partner or parent of your children?  Detente’s exclusive "January to May” step by step divorce mediation makes all the difference for peace and renewal, especially if a summer goal is children settle into their home with Mom and their home with Dad before school starts in the fall.

The truth is most New Year’s resolutions fail not because they aren’t doable, but because they lack a plan.  

Detente’s professional family divorce mediator will facilitate a kinder, gentler parting by leading married, never married, and post-divorce couples through a sensible, organized series of informal, private, and confidential meetings - with or without lawyers.  Not only is there guidance from the attorney-mediator about the law, child support, alimony, and property and debt division, but there are also financial, tax, and child and parenting specialists available to assist with a couple’s particular needs.  None of the professionals represents solely the interests of one person and they will never take sides.

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