"Divorce Corp" Exposes the Dirty Business of Family Law

By Stacey H. Langenbahn, JD

Divorce Corp” is a movie scheduled to be released January 10, 2014 for six days in selected cities. Divorce Corp’s “grass roots movement to reform the US family law system” appears poised to radically expose the darkest side of the family court system and the divorce industry in America. Its “DIY Divorce” trailer alone will powerfully boost the public’s awareness of and demand for effective and affordable alternatives to divorce litigation like family and divorce mediation and collaborative law.

The producer describes Divorce Corp this way:  “A shocking exposé of the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. family law industry, Divorce Corp shines a bright light on the appalling waste, and shameless collusive practices seen daily in family courts.  It is a stunning documentary film that anyone considering marriage or divorce must see.” 

As of the date of this blog, the movie has not been released, and there has been no vetting of the facts.  But one thing is for sure, Divorce Corp is kicking the hornet’s nest with trailers like, “Pay Your Ex for Life”, “Child Support Trap”, “Death by Paperwork”, “False Child Abuse Claims”, “All-Powerful Judges”, “Prenups Don’t Work”,  and “The Price of Divorce”. To find a theater near you and to get more information, go to www.divorcecorp.com.