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Why Not One Divorce Lawyer for the Two of Us?

Many divorcing couples who believe they have worked out a deal between them want to use one lawyer to answer legal questions, draw up the paperwork, and finalize the divorce at the courthouse. Many are afraid that if each of them has a lawyer, the two lawyers will stir up unnecessary conflict or they will be too expensive. So can a couple have just one divorce lawyer for the two of them? No. Here is why not and what they can do about it.

Receivership: What Is It? Do We Need It In Our Divorce?

The most expensive purchase for most couples is their home. When they file for divorce, preserving the equity in that home becomes a natural priority. Equity can be a source of retirement income, starting over cash, or part of a property settlement. A "receivership" is when a family court judge places property under the court's control and appoints a person called a "receiver" to preserve it. The receivership stops lenders from foreclosing, attaching, garnishing, sequestering, or selling the property without the court's permission.

Teacher John McDaniel Sexting a Student?

Immediate concern for his alleged young victim, shock, and disbelief were my first reactions to the arrest of John McDaniel, my son’s Colleyville Middle School Band Director. John McDaniel was his much admired honors band teacher this year – and my daughter’s for two years before that. He reportedly admitted to “sexting” and exchanging sexually explicit photos with a fifteen year old former band student. Neither of my children were involved, but our whole family is feeling confused, disappointed, and betrayed. I cannot imagine what it must be like for the family and the young lady he is accused of abusing. Nothing makes any sense.


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