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Collaborative Mediation: The New Divorce Solution

Collaborative mediation is a fresh, innovative approach to divorce that is healthy, family-centered, and affordable. Collaborative mediation offers a sensible alternative to the adversarial, two lawyer divorce system for divorcing couples who instead want to make their own decisions and stay in control of their family's future. One neutral attorney-mediator and a counseling professional work collaboratively with a divorcing couple to get them over legal, financial, and emotional hurdles to reach mutually acceptable agreements. With ninety-five percent of couples reaching agreement on all their issues, collaborative mediation has proven to be the new divorce solution!

Planning for Divorce with Kids: The "May to August" Divorce


Stacey H. Langenbahn, J.D., Attorney-Mediator

If you are thinking about divorce and you are a parent with a child who will be in school in the fall, you owe it to your kids to call Detente now for our exclusive “May to August” divorce. And if you intend to ask for spousal support, it is imperative to start your divorce immediately so you can finalize it in 2018 before the new tax reforms come into effect on January 1, 2019 when alimony/spousal support will no longer be tax deductible. 

How to Get "Full Custody" in Texas

All too often a parent will vow to fight for “full custody” with a scare tactic of threatening to take the children away if the other parent does not agree to do whatever he or she wants.  It is very rare for a court in Texas to terminate a parent’s rights entirely, meaning only one parent would have the right to make all the decisions for the child (legal custody or “conservatorship”) and have the right to all the parenting time (physical custody or “possession”) of the child to the absolute exclusion of the other parent.

How to Get Judge's Approval of an Unequal Mediated Agreement

Will a Texas judge approve a mediated divorce settlement agreement that significantly favors one spouse over the other, like when one spouse gets sixty percent (60%) of the community property and the other gets forty percent (40%)? Yes, with the right preparation through a competent and qualified divorce mediator!

Worst Divorce Mistake about the House

Many divorcing parents strongly believe a house itself represents stability and security for the children. They are afraid to sell the house for fear of adding to the children's upheaval. These feelings are valid and understandable. However, parents who allow their fears and emotions about the child's welfare to surpass common sense and sound financial planning as drivers of decision making about the house often find it is their undoing.   


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