Détente's Divorce Mediation Team Finds Equitable Agreements, Protects Family, and Keeps Costs Affordable

Détente mediation is private, confidential, and voluntary. We offer an innovative, personalized approach that is much healthier, family-friendly, and affordable than custody or divorce litigation.

Our unique divorce mediator team is a sensible alternative to the adversarial two lawyer divorce system for couples and parents who want to stay in control of their family's future and make their own decisions in divorce, separation, or reconciliation.  At Détente over ninety-five percent of clients successfully reach agreement on all their issues.

One impartial family lawyer and if needed a counseling professional skillfully guide a couple over legal, financial, and emotional hurdles to reach well-informed private agreements. During the most difficult times in their lives, Détente’s clients have the support and guidance they need to make best choices, achieve best outcomes, and preserve best future relationships. Secure, online mediation is also now available.

Detente Exclusive:  The May to August Divorce

Urgent: Alimony Tax Law Change - to deduct alimony/spousal maintenance you must finalize divorce by December 31, 2018!! 

How We Do It

  • Team: an impartial family lawyer and if needed a couples' counselor help you gather information; explore options; and negotiate equitable agreements
  • Communication: our dynamic communication technique empowers you to talk with and hear each other like never before
  • Resolution: learn the five critical steps to finding T.R.U.C.E. and reaching personalized solutions